Types of Mouthguards
There are three types of mouthguards available to the public today… Boil & Bite, Vacuum Formed, and Pressure Laminated.

Boil & Bite Mouthguards can be purchased at supermarkets, pharmacies, and sporting goods stores. You place them into boiling water and bite down. These mouthguards do not provide coverage of all the teeth. In addition, they are too thin to be protective. They are no match for custom made mouthguards, in meeting the criteria for adaptation to the teeth, retention in the mouth, comfort during competition, and stability of the material. You can actually bite right through them. Issues concerning speech and breathing restrictions should be considered.

Vacuum Formed Custom Mouthguards provide increased protection and much better fit than Boil & Bites, since they are formed over a mold of the athlete’s mouth. However, vacuum forming machines are adequate for single layer mouthguards only. They allow the athlete to breathe and speak easily, but are less protective for athletes requiring multi-layer Pressure Lamination.

Pressure Laminated Custom Multi-Layered Mouthguards can be modified for full contact sports by laminating two or three layers of EVA material under high heat and positive pressure, to achieve the required thickness. Each layer is individually pressed over a custom mold of the athletes teeth with computer controlled thickness, offering protection where it is needed most.

The Defender Mouthguard is fabricated by laminating multi-layers of mouthguard material directly over a model of the athletes teeth using high heat and pressure, providing the best overall fit and protection. The number of layers used and the thickness of each layer is computer controlled at our laboratory, according on the athletes age group, type of contact sport, and the level at which it is played.

According to the findings of the Academy for Sports Dentistry, when using single layered Boil & Bites the athlete cannot achieve the specific thicknesses of:
  • 3mm on the outer (lip and cheek) surfaces of the teeth
  • 3 mm on the occlusal (chewing ) surfaces of the teeth, and
  • 2 mm on the inner (tongue) surfaces of the teeth.
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